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The asset management model found in the ISO 55001 standard – among many other topics it deals with – proposes the management of companies based on processes aligned with the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) model. Each process must incorporate risk management and must be aligned with the business’ objectives, as these are key elements for sustainability and systemic work.

This book introduces the Spare Parts Inventory Management process aligned with the required practices for asset management. This allows companies to establish a systemic process for managing their spare parts, considering:

  • The risk level assumed by either its unavailability or availability.
  • The reliability models established for the productive assets where such spare parts are required.

Spare Parts Inventory Management

An approach for a “Sustainable Optimization aligned with Risk and Assets Reliability”

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Author: Daniel Ortiz Plata

Release Year: 2020

Language: English

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Format: Digital – PDF (.pdf)

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Table of Contents

  • Prologue
  • SECTION I – Searching for the best model for Spare Parts Inventory Management
    1. Inventory Necessities: Introduction
    2. Impact of Spare Parts on Economic Results
    3. Key definitions
    4. The Roots of Inventories Management
    5. Inventory Strategies by Type of Material
    6. Business process Systemic Management Model, BPSM
    7. Risk Management Model for the Decision Making Process in Spare Parts
    8. Effects of the procurement process in Spare Parts Inventory Management:
      Models Integration
    9. Knowledge Management
  • SECTION II – Methods: Practices for Policy and Procedures
    1. Inventory Policy
    2. Cataloguing Procedure
    3. Planning Procedure
    4. Replenishment Procedure
    5. Storage Management Procedure
    6. Inventory Counting Procedure
    7. Optimization Procedure
    8. Overstock Disposing Procedure
  • SECTION III – Management Assurance and Control
    1. Work Plans
    2. Performance Indicators
    3. Monitoring and Verification Meetings

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